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    21.07.2014 - Hucais gets lucky with Digital from RIMA-SYSTEM

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    Hucais gets lucky with industrial-scale digital books


    20140721 Hucaismanroland has released details of the customer event it held at Hucais Group in Dongguan, China, in May.

    About 220 visitors toured the facility where an HP inkjet web is teamed with the German maker's first FormerLine book finishing system (including RS 700 lift collator), currently offline. Second and third lines have also been installed, with more to follow in the next couple of years.

    Festivities included a kung-fu drum performance and the "lucky" ritual of a Chinese lion dance. Speakers included Hucais chief executive Chen Chengwen, manroland web digital printing head of sales and business development Alwin Stadler , and Gido van Praag and Cathy Xu from HP Indigo.

    Visitors to the industrial book production section saw two web presses with preprinted reels finished to glued book blocks by the FormerLine.

    Chengwen (pictured) says that while the number of titles is constantly increasing, runs of single editions are getting smaller.

    Digitally-printed books can be produced and delivered flexibly and are ready for dispatch in two days, with web-based order systems supporting a print-on-demand concept.

    Already successful as a packaging printer, Hucais has established digital printing during the last years: "We constantly develop our business and invest in future-oriented solutions," Chengwen says. The cost-effectiveness of production will help convince further potential customers.

    At Hucais, the FormerLine handles cut-offs from 145-420 mm and – teamed with a Rima RS700 lift collator – produces stitched signatures or up to 8000 glued and stitched book blocks an hour. Webs run over two or three formers, providing the option of 4-8 page or 8-16 page signatures.


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